Founded in Western Australia in 2009 Fluro specialises in the design and development of elearning solutions, including instructional and visual design, custom elearning, and strategy. 

Our vision is to make learning easy, engaging and accessible. Creating a world where everyone has access to high quality learning, no matter where they live. 

Today, our learning solutions at Fluro still focus on bringing learning to life (with a sprinkling of fun and humour), we’re a lot wiser about how we wow learners while achieving tangible business results and creating real value. 

Our team of award-winning instructional designers and animators, visual designers and developers bring every project to life. We get a kick out of creating visually rich, interactive and immersive learning environments to entertain our learners... no yawns on our watch!

With over 10 years experience building learning resources, our team includes:

  • Learning Architects

  • Instructional Designers

  • Digital Designers

  • Illustrators and Animators

  • Developers

  • Trainer & Assessors

  • Subject Matter Experts

  • Photographers & Videographers



Who we are

our vision

Our vision is to create engaging on-line learning experiences that result in lasting knowledge and skills.

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Our promise

We believe that it's our responsibility to ensure that the $ you invest will result in lasting results and value.

our approach

We take our work seriously, but approach it with a sense of fun. 

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