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  • Amanda Slinger

There's No Excuse For Boring!

Updated: May 2, 2023

Our journey began in 2008 when our Founding Director, Amanda Slinger, launched Fluro with the vision to put an end to boring workplace training, and instead engage learning audiences with lasting results.

She knew the answer lay in bringing the learning to life, but what did that look like?

She started with the idea of engaging audiences with story-telling and humour. The prototype course was a behaviour-based safety training program called Hey Mate! And she put together a small team including a script writer, course facilitator and student actors and went on the road.

The response was incredible from the audience and clients with comments like “best course ever!” but the costs and practicalities didn’t stack up for a repeatable and scalable solution.

So, the Fluro team explored how to take the engagement success of the Hey Mate project and transform it into an affordable and scalable learning solution. So in 2011 Fluro entered the incredible world of elearning.

Over a decade later, we’re a lot wiser about what will 'wow' learners and help businesses achieve exceptional learning outcomes and our expanded team now includes instructional designers, developers and animators.

Today our elearning solutions still reflect our founders original vision of bringing learning to life (with a sprinkling of fun and humour).

Definitely not boring!



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